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Popstar supports a larger semen load volume and enhances its taste, making the sexual experience even better for you and your partner. And we'll put our money where your mouth is with a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.

Popstar Men's Health Supplement for Ejaculatory Health

dr joshua gonzalez Ways to increase semen volume

shoot your best shot

More volume

More volume just feels better and looks better. The only downside is the cleanup, but totally worth it. Careful, you could shoot an eye out.

better taste

Our formula counters the negative effects of what you eat and drink to make sure you're shooting the good stuff. Haven't you always wanted pineapple jizz?

healthy sperm

While it may be less sexy, what goes into Popstar makes what comes out of you even better, supporting overall sperm health and fertility.

our story

Two urologists walk into a bar ... Trust us, you haven't heard this one before.

Popstar was created by two of the country’s leading men’s sexual health physicians and thought leaders, Joshua Gonzalez, MD and Brian Steixner, MD. They've written countless articles on this subject, have undertaken numerous studies, and have counseled thousands of patients looking for answers about semen health.

We're proud to have developed a solution.

Our Story

our formula

natural ingredients. Doctor formulated. highly explosive.

In our proprietary blend you'll find only the good stuff, none of the bad. All-natural, super high-quality, and tested by third party labs for purity, quality, and efficacy. Click through to learn more about what makes Popstar so special.

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