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Let’s face it — size matters.

We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean.” While there may be some truth, who would choose a dingy when you could have a luxury liner? Studies have shown that about thirty percent of men are unhappy with the size of their penis. I am sure you are thinking, “what can be done about it?” There are many myths about increasing your size: pills, potions, and procedures. We are here to dispel the rumors and shed some light on the situation. Popstar Labs has the penis size tips (and not just the tip) you need to pump up your 🍆. 

With Grey Sweatpants Season upon us, it is more important than ever to puff up your package. With our tips, your VPL (visible penis line) will turn (both) heads everywhere you go. 

1.) Tractions and Vacuums and Surgery! Oh my!

There are several unconventional ways to make your penis bigger. Traction devices can be used to stretch your shaft slowly over time. In certain studies, men were instructed to wear small weights on their flaccid penis for 4-6 hours a day to gain a few inches. Like a phallic Cross Fit. The results varied, but the most successful specimens of the studies only saw a three-centimeter increase. The research on traction devices is limited, and determining their safety would require more research. 

Vacuums, or penis pumps, are often used to gain some more girth. This device pumps out air to create a vacuum that stimulates blood flow, causing your shaft to swell. While these devices treat erectile dysfunction, no evidence suggests they can permanently pump up your package. 

Surgery is another method used for penis enhancement. Fat cells can be injected from other parts of the body to increase girth and width. On average, it can add around 2.5 centimeters after 12 months. However, many potential side effects include swelling, disfigurement, scarring, and infection. You have to ask yourself what you’re willing to risk for just a couple of centimeters.

2.) Jelqing

No, it isn’t the latest TikTok dance trend. Jelqing is an exercise used to stimulate blood flow to the penis by gently pulling with your thumb and forefingers. This may pump up your package during an erection but is unlikely to increase your size permanently. While this stroking method may step up your sausage’s self-esteem, there are many potential side effects, such as bruising, pain, and fibrosis. Jelqing is more of an ego stroke, if anything, and may be better off as a TikTok trend after all. 

3.) Wearing the right underwear

While there may not be many proven methods to actually increase the size of your penis, there are plenty of ways to make it look bigger. We’re talking optical illusions, like a magic trick for your prick. Many underwear companies have found a solution to the petite pecker problem. Their products contain technology in the pouch of the underwear that lifts and accentuates your male attributes, just like a push-up bra for your penis. 

4.) Trimming your tree

Manscaping is another way to create the illusion of having a larger penis. If you are horizontally challenged below the belt, you aren’t doing yourself any favors by not manscaping. Why hide your light under a bushel? Even if it’s just a little light (of mine), you gotta let it shine. Plus, nothing is a bigger turn-off for your partner than searching for it like they're on a jungle excursion. If your partner needs hedge clippers or a machete to go south of the border, that is a no-go. Although manscaping may be tedious, many electric razors are designed for a seamless shaving experience. Nicks, cuts, and razor burns are a thing of the past. Less hair means more length, so make sure manscaping is part of your regular self-care routine. 

5.) Exercise

Staying in shape can help create the illusion of a larger penis.  are dissatisfied with the size of your digit, shedding some weight may be the key. Staying in shape will help your package, and a six-pack will help your overall self-esteem and promote mental health. 

While many men may be insecure about their size, it is important to remember that the average penis is around 5.5 inches when erect. If you are going to look for methods to maximize your member, Popstar Labs wants to ensure you are going about it safely! And who knows, maybe there is something to that “motion in the ocean” thing.