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THC, CBD, & ED. Oh My!

Make sure you rethink the puff and pass before you puff and pump. Now, this isn't a DARE advertisement (if you're reading this, you are probably old enough to remember when DARE was more than just a line of graphic t-shirts at Urban Outfitters.) We aren't saying you shouldn't smoke, but if you deal with ED, you might want to cut back on the THC. ED, or erectile dysfunction, is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to complete sexual activity. ED is ubiquitous but can affect confidence and stress levels. That's right, stoners, getting blazed can affect your boner. Unfortunately, much like a smoke sesh, the research regarding smoking and erectile dysfunction is cloudy. But fear not; Popstar is here with all the tips (not just the tip) and the need-to-knows on the correlations between weed and erectile dysfunction.

Toking before poking can cause some issues, which is quite a conundrum. Many claim that smoking increases their desire for sex, sexual satisfaction, and sensitivity to touch. All of these sound amazing, but you can't get very far without any air in your tires. If you are someone who deals with ED, smoking cannabis before sex can be very counterproductive. It is like being all dressed up without anywhere to go; you will be all horned up and unable to bone. So while smoking may have you mentally ready for sex, your dream blunt rotation may not lead to knocking boots.


Smoking may have you flying high (no lie), but you might not be balling. When THC reaches the brain, giving you that high feeling, it intervenes with your body's normal functions. This can include your penis's ability to become erect. So you may get high, but you might not get hard.

Smoking weed can also exacerbate any pre-existing problems you may have. For example, if you are someone who works through anxiety, smoking may make it worse. Anxiety can affect your erectile dysfunction. Smoking will have your anxiety levels up and, unfortunately, your dick down. 

CBD Remedy?

Much like a 2002 Jason Mraz, we "gots" the remedy, well, possibly. CBD may be the remedy to THC-related ED. Unfortunately, there isn't much research on the benefits of CBD in treating regarding erectile dysfunction. One theory is that CBD helps to relax blood vessels and promote blood flow to the penis, relieving ED. But, again, there isn't a plethora of research to support the correlation between CBD and ED improvement.

Again, we at Popstar Labs aren't saying you should stop smoking altogether if you love to partake in poking. Just remember that before you become Cheech and Chong, just be aware of how it affects your dong. For more information on erectile dysfunction and its solutions, click here