Creatine and Your C*$k: the Dangers of Creatine

Written by: Joshua Gonzalez

Risks of Creatine for Sexual Health

Danger, Will Robinson! Creatine may be great for bulking season, but it may not be for cuffing season. If building muscle is your priority, creatine may be helpful, but you may be harming the most important muscle of all: your penis! As always, Popstar is back with tips (and not just the tip) on how creatine may affect your cock.

Now, when it comes to creatine and your sex life, there is some good news and some not-so-great news. We will start with the good news! There is information to support that creatine can improve your sex drive. While the research is limited, creatine is speculated to affect sex drive because it impacts testosterone levels. Testosterone plays a huge role in sexual performance in men. Higher levels of testosterone often equal a higher libido. So, your muscles may be rock hard on this supplement, but it may leave you needing to get your rocks off more often...which may not be the worst problem if you and your partner have an active sex life.

It is important to remember that the evidence supporting the link between creatine and testosterone is inconsistent and limited. For example, some studies show modest side effects of creatine on testosterone, while others show no correlation.

Horny but Dehydrated

While creatine may increase your sex drive, you may be ready for the road trip without any air in your tires. This is because creatine plays a role in your body's hydration. Creatine draws water from the tissues of your body into your muscles, leading to dehydration. We should take hydration seriously year-round, especially as we head into the summer months. Thirst traps aren't going to cut it; we need water.

Dehydration is a major no-no, especially as we head into the warmer months. Inadequate hydration can cause several symptoms, including fatigue, headaches, and decreased physical performance. That includes sexual performance. Dehydration can cause decreased blood flow to your genitals. We all know what that means: no flow, no go. You may be horned up, unable to get hard. If you are someone who deals with erectile dysfunction, you may want to stay hydrated and avoid creatine.

It is also important to note that dehydration can affect the quality and volume of semen as well. While Popstar Labs signature formula can help to improve both, it is no substitute for hydration. The average man, who lives in a temperate climate, should be drinking 3.7 liters of water per day (15.5 cups). If you are drinking your recommended daily dose and are still worried about semen quality and volume, then Popstar may be the solution for you.

Temper Tantrums

Some people may also experience psychological effects from creatine use that may negatively impact their sex life. For example, some people report feeling more irritable or aggressive when taking this supplement. These mood changes may affect their relationships and therefore impact their sex lives. However, it is always important to note that side effects of creatine, physical or psychological, aren't universal, as we all metabolize supplements differently.

While creatine affects your testosterone levels, we are still learning how that directly correlates with your overall sexual performance. Remember, using this supplement responsibly in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle and exercise is essential. If you have concerns about how creatine will impact your sex life, it is best to consult a urologist or your primary care provider. Whether it's bulking, cuffing, tax or the holiday season, we want to ensure your favorite muscle can still stay swole. 

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez is a board-certified urologist who is fellowship-trained in Sexual Medicine and specializes in the management of male and female sexual dysfunctions. He completed his medical education at Columbia University and his urological residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. Throughout his career, Dr. Gonzalez has focused on advocating for sexual health and providing improved healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community.