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We wanted to develop a supplement to address semen health after being asked - almost daily - for methods that men can use to enhance their sperm volume, health and taste. There was no real solution to the growing number of patients we saw who experienced retrograde ejaculation, or experienced the low semen side effects of taking Tamsulosin (Flomax), so we decided to see what we could do to enhance our patient's semen volume. By developing Popstar we’ve taken a huge load off our patient's minds (pun absolutely intended) and it's not only allowed us to help our patients, but we've now learned from thousands of satisfied customers that Popstar is a supplement for everyone.

Prior to Popstar, supplements for maximizing semen health have primarily focused on optimizing sperm number and function. Others that promise to increase ejaculatory volume contain ingredients with little to no evidence that they actually work. Popstar is the first physician-developed supplement made from the highest quality ingredients, all scientifically proven to work.

Popstar mens health supplement

popstar to the rescue

Let's talk about semen health ...

As men age, the overall health and volume of their ejaculate decreases. Numerous clinical studies have also shown that the quality of sperm has been steadily declining for the last few decades. This degradation in ejaculate health can have a negative impact on the quality of the sex lives of men and their partners. Add in the concern over how semen tastes and you have a real sexual health problem.

Popstar to the rescue. We applied our knowledge as sexual health experts to develop a product that supports overall sperm health, promotes semen volume, and enhances its taste. We sourced our ingredients from non-GMO organic sources and have combined them in a vegan capsule to not only maximize your sexual experience, but also to do our part to look after our Earth. We are thrilled to offer a real option to men who want to improve their sex lives and shoot their best shot.