Happier, healthier sperm.

The highest quality ingredients, backed by science, formulated to promote total sperm health.

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Unlock the secret to better fertility.

Among other ingredients that promote total semen health, Popstar’s formula includes both Zinc and  L-Arginine, ingredients that have been shown to promote sperm health and enhance fertility. Together these ingredients support sperm motility, volume, and overall quality leading to improved likelihood of conception.

Maximize your semen health.

We know you spent most of your life worried you’d get someone (or someone would get you) pregnant. Who knew it could be this difficult? You’re not alone… more than 10% of couples resort to IVF. What most guys don’t know is that a little focus on semen health can go a very long way. 

Our goal is simple, give you the planet’s best ingredients in the right amounts, so you can focus back on the fun part. Popstar is doctor formulated and designed to give all the tools your body needs for fertility success.

We get it. We’ve been through it.

I'm Dr. Steixner, co-founder of Popstar. My wife Chrissy and I understand firsthand the challenges of getting pregnant which is why I formulated Popstar specifically to address the concerns of male-factor infertility. Popstar is your first step to improve your semen health and increase your chances of pregnancy.

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