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Hit Them with Your Best Shot: Boosting Ejaculatory Function

A lot of male sexual health involves achieving and sustaining erections. But what if getting and staying hard isn’t the problem? What if your problem is climactic in nature – finishing strong shall we say. In my practice, this is a common concern. Men may have no problem achieving an erection, but they experience a variety of issues with their ejaculation. Their focus isn’t on their boners, instead it’s on making the money shot their best shot. 

Before we discuss ways to improve your ejaculatory function, let’s take a moment to discuss why men’s ejaculation matters so much. A starting point is probably pornography. Porn has become increasingly focused on cum with bigger loads and increased semen volume taking center stage. In addition, there’s a growing market for male supplements that promise (often without supporting data) to enhance sexual performance and turn the average Joe into a porn star. Men also associate sperm volume with masculinity and virility. Put all of those things together and it’s easy to see why men have become worried about their ejaculate.

We should note that there are some factors that influence the force and volume of semen during an ejaculation. Age is one of those factors. As men age, the volume and force of sperm ejaculated tends to decrease. Even our best shots become a bit dribbly. Genetics also plays a role in ejaculation. One study found that there is a moderate familial effect on delayed ejaculation and a moderate genetic influence on premature ejaculation (Jern). Unfortunately, we cannot turn back time or change our DNA, so some characteristics of your ejaculate are completely out of your control.

However, there are some ways that can help you improve your ejaculatory function. When it comes to cum, the majority of questions I get concern volume and force. But there are a lot of factors to consider. Things like sperm count, timing and even better semen taste can positively contribute to satisfaction with ejaculation. The following is a summary of considerations and some tips on how to achieve the highest quality ejaculation. 

1. Reduce Alcohol

If you mix alcohol and sex to make the whole experience more fun and pleasurable, you’re not alone. However, go beyond a modest one to two drinks and you might sabotage your sexual performance. Alcohol has been shown to decrease sperm count and lower the amount of your ejaculate. It can make it harder to achieve an erection and cause delayed ejaculation or even anejaculation, which is when you can’t cum at all. So, if you’re looking to level up your load, just say no to that next cocktail.

2. Avoid the Heat

In order to enhance your ejaculation, it’s important to keep your balls relatively chill. Too much heat is bad for sperm production and semen volume. There’s a good reason that testicles reside outside the body. They need to be able to maintain a lower temperature than our core body temperature. From a practical standpoint, if you want to increase the volume of your sperm when you ejaculate, you need to avoid activities or behaviors that turn up the heat, including saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, hot baths, heated car seats and tight underwear.

3. Diet

What we put in our bodies affects what “cums” out during sex. Diet is very important for improving your sexual performance, including your ejaculatory function. Certain foods have been linked to healthier testosterone levels and decreases in inflammation, which are both critical to the production of sperm. Foods high in antioxidants, such as berries, coconuts and artichokes can increase your ejaculatory volume and improve sperm quality. 

Diet has also been linked to how our ejaculate tastes. There are a few ways that you can switch up your diet to avoid funky spunk. If you want to improve the taste of your semen, try fruits like pineapple and spices like cinnamon, cardamom and peppermint. These foods have been reported to make your cum taste sweeter while other foods like dairy, red meat, asparagus, garlic, onions and all things fried are reported to have the opposite effect. 

4. Stay Hydrated
Increasing your fluid intake is important for boosting your ejaculatory function. Semen is largely water-based and if you’re dehydrated, your cum will likely be more of a trickle than a geyser. Drinking two to three liters of water per day is important for so many of our bodily functions. So, if you’re serious about increasing the volume of your ejaculate, make sure you always keep a bottle of water nearby.

5. Caffeine

Some forms of caffeine have been linked to poor semen quality. Even though many of us find it necessary in order to function on a daily basis, drinking coffee can leave a bad taste in your partner’s mouth. Decreasing the amount of coffee you drink can help to improve the flavor of your semen. One study also suggests that caffeinated cola drinks may be bad for your sperm production. If you want to improve the health of your little swimmers, you should avoid drinking too much Coke, too (Jensen).

6. Smoking

Like caffeine, smoking can negatively impact the taste and quality of your semen. Smoking cigarettes has long been linked to decreased sperm production and a decrease in fertility potential. Aside from all of the other negative side effects of smoking, cigarettes can also affect bodily fluids, including ejaculate. Quitting smoking is necessary for improving your overall health, but it can be especially helpful to improving your ejaculatory health.

7. Get Physical 

In addition to reducing stress, improving our mood and keeping our bodies in good shape, regular exercise has been shown to improve sperm count. When it comes to increasing the volume and timing of your ejaculations, the parts of your body that you exercise are important. Our muscles become weaker and start to atrophy as we get older. This includes our pelvic muscles, which are imperative for healthy ejaculations. Factors such as prostatitis, chronic pelvic pain and some neurological conditions can also negatively impact our pelvic floor muscles. Any pelvic muscle dysfunction can cause problems with the force of ejaculations and lead to coming too soon or not being able to come at all. When patients tell me about problems with ejaculatory force or timing, I often refer them to a physical therapist. Gaining more control over your pelvic floor muscles with the help of a specialist can dramatically impact the force of your ejaculations.

8. Sleep

We all know that we’re supposed to get good sleep. The benefits of getting a good night’s rest include maintaining a healthy immune system, reducing weight gain, improving mood, decreasing stress and lowering our risk of chronic health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. However, sleep is also critical for maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Testosterone is a hormone that promotes sexual desire and it’s necessary for sperm production. It also plays a role in the size and volume of our ejaculations. 

9. Abstinence and Arousal

Taking some time off from masturbation or sex can help your prostate reload. This break will likely lead to stronger, larger and more dynamic ejaculations. How much time you need to take for your breaks varies based on each individual. Do some experimenting and see how different intervals affect the force and volume of your climaxes. It’s also important to discuss arousal when it comes to ejaculatory function. How turned on you are during sex can have an impact on your ejaculation. You may have noticed more impressive money shots with different partners or with masturbation, and this is why. 

10. Supplements

Most of our understanding of the benefits of supplements for ejaculatory health comes from research done for male fertility. For Popstar, we studied all of the medical literature and we began to isolate what has been proven to be most beneficial to increase the three main aspects of ejaculatory health – sperm health, semen volume and semen flavor. Bromelain, which is sourced from the pineapple fruit, as well as fructose, has been associated with a sweeter semen flavor. Pygeum and lecithin both increase the volume of semen, and zinc and L-arginine have been shown to be beneficial to semen health, erections and testosterone production. Before we created Popstar, you couldn’t find a supplement that addressed ejaculations in the same way. Because of our experiences with our patients, we knew that this was something that was desperately needed for ejaculatory health and wellness. Some men see improvements immediately after they take Popstar for the first time. Most will see an improvement after taking Popstar for one to two weeks. The longer you take Popstar, the greater the effects will be.

In conclusion, I hope you’ve found this article to be helpful. Optimizing your ejaculatory function can help you to have a more fulfilling sex life and help you get closer to porn-star status in the bedroom. But remember, what you see when porn stars climax on camera is often not even human ejaculate – they use other liquids on set to simulate semen. So, give yourself a break and learn to love your load. Your best shot is always good enough.

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