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Boxers vs. Briefs: The Reboot

The age-old question. The tale as old as time. The thong, excuse us, song** as old as rhyme: Boxers or Briefs - which is better? For quite some time, the world could be divided into two groups: those that prefer boxers and those that prefer briefs. 

What if we told you it is more than just a preference? That one is more beneficial health-wise than the other. Studies have shown that men who wear boxers have a higher sperm count than their tight underwear-wearing counterparts. Even Harvard has reported on this topic, and as we’ve learned from Legally Blonde, that is not only a good school but a reputable source. Tighter underwear can push your testicles together and raise your scrotal temperature, making it less than ideal for sperm production. 

Let’s recap. So we’ve learned that boxers are better for sperm production. But let me ask you this: does anyone still wear boxers?

Does anyone still wear boxers anymore?

I could understand wearing them to sleep, but wearing them out during the day? They offer little to no support and give you the worst VPL (visible panty line) ever. We are here to reboot the timeless debate to Boxer Briefs vs. Briefs. To help those who care about their packages but want to avoid any fashion faux pas. Just like Elle Woods talked Beyoncé out of buying a heinous top at Fred Segal, Popstar Labs is here for you. 

You Don’t Have to Choose.

When it comes to boxer briefs vs. good ole tighty-whitey briefs, it should come down to personal preference. That is if you’re wearing the right underwear and taking care of yourself. If your eyes are set on a higher sperm count, you’ll want underwear with a breathable material. Modal fabric will let your balls breathe and keep your eggplant as cool as a cucumber. Science is on our side when it comes to keeping your cubes on ice. There is underwear that can help regulate temperature. Some underwear has minerals infused into the fabric to keep your balls several degrees cooler for when things start to heat up. A great pair of underwear should also have mesh mapping in high-sweat areas. In between your legs, on the lower back, and of course, on the pouch. 

When it comes to a great pair of underwear, the proof is in the pouch. Regardless if you are smuggling grapes or grapefruits, a roomy pouch is non-negotiable. This allows your cojones to hang and breathe without sacrificing support. It is essential to have a contoured pouch. A contour cup is designed with a vertical seam down the center that allows free movement and avoids bunching. Luckily for you, a contour pouch has become the standard for most brands, so you won’t have trouble finding a pair that incorporates this innovation. There are brands of underwear that utilize pouches that are designed with a naked sensation and anatomically correct technology. These specialty pouches allow room to keep your cojones cool and make you feel like you are going commando. 

If you want to make sure your swimmers stay in extra good shape, you can also supplement the perfect ball pouch with Popstar. Our signature formula supports sperm health and promotes semen volume. Popstar may be the key ingredient to solving the age-old debate. Having the right underwear and taking this groundbreaking supplement can put the boxer vs. briefs debacle to rest once and for all! Now underwear choice can truly be about preference and less about your health. 

If fertility is at the forefront of your brain, wear your boxers to bed or sleep in the nude, but you don’t need to sacrifice your support and style during the day. With the right product, pouch, and Popstar, you can be fertile and fabulous! 

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