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Fun facts about sperm.

Here are some fun facts about sperm and semen, we use the word fun loosely.

  • Sperm and semen are two different things.  Semen is the liquid produced during Sperm, which are included in the semen, are the swimming tadpoles that fertilize an egg during reproduction. 

  • There are only about 5-10 calories per serving of semen.

  • There isn't usually sperm in pre-ejaculate.

  • It takes around 64 days for the male body to produce sperm, then around 24 to 28 more days for it to be transported and finally ejaculated

  • Semen consistency can change from day to day depending on your hydration.

  • Sperm that make it into the vagina can live up to 5 days

  • Semen allergies exist but are exceedingly rare.