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Move Over; it’s Movember

You’ve heard of No Shave November and even No Nut November (in which we would never ask you to participate), but have you heard of Movember? Movember is the leading charity in changing the face of men’s health. Popstar Labs is here to spill the tea on all things Movember so you can know before you grow!

Time for a history lesson. Emphasis on “his.”

What started as belly laughs over brews has turned into a global phenomenon that has changed the face of men’s health and prostate cancer prevention. Literally. 

In 2003, Travis Garone and Luke Slattery joked about “bringing the moustache back” and convinced their friends to grow one in an attempt to make them popular again. Inspired by a friend’s mother who was fundraising for breast cancer, they decided to make their mo-vement about men’s health and prostate cancer. The two created the rules for Movemeber, which are still in effect today, and decided to charge 10 dollars to grow a moustache, or “Mo,” as they like to call it. After creating the very first Movember logo, the two recruited 30 men willing to participate in the challenge through an email campaign, forming the original Mo Bros. 

In 2004, just a little over a year later, the mo-vement grew from 30 to 450 Mo Bros across Australia, the UK, and Spain. The 450 Mo Bros were able to raise and donate 54,000 AUD to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). 

Since those early years, Movember’s mo-vement has grown exponentially. There are official campaigns in over 21 countries, and together they have raised over 730 million AUD. While they still support prostate cancer, Movember has broadened its focus to other men’s health issues, such as mental health, physical inactivity, and testicular cancer. As a result, what started as just 30 moustaches has grown (quite literally) to 5 million and counting. 

How can you become a Mo Bro?

Looking to grow a Mo of your own and become a Mo Bro? Becoming a Bro is as simple as growing a moustache. Movemeber has made it easy AF to get involved. Simply download the app for your phone and join the community in minutes. You can start small and raise money on your own by growing a moustache or go big and host a fundraising event. Your fundraiser can be as personalized as the very moustache on your face. It can be anything from a bar crawl to a field day. Choose something your fellow Bros would love to do and put the “fun” in “fundraising.” 

Movember’s app and website are chocked full of how-to’s regarding hosting your own virtual or in-person event. There you can download budget templates, sponsorship templates, posters to advertise your event, trivia questions, and even decorations. Movember has everything you need to feel set up for success.

Facial hair isn’t for you? No mo problems! Growing a moustache isn’t the only way to show your support. You can put the “move” in “movement” and also commit to running (or walking) 60 miles over the month to represent the 60 men we lose to suicide each hour. You can get your steps in while you step for those in need.

On your marks. Get set. Grow!

It doesn’t matter if your stache is full or patchy, itchy or epic. Whether you look like Hulk Hogan, Gomez Addams, John Waters, or a Mario Brother, anyone can get involved and become a Mo Bro. For more information on the Movember Mo-vement, visit their website and get ready to grow!