Sex Positions for Small Penises

The 7 Best Sex Positions for Small Penises

Written by: Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Sex Positions for Small Penises

When it comes to your sausage, you don’t need a Kirkland-level c*ck to get someone’s mouth to water. Everyone knows that the cocktail weenies are the first hors-d'oeuvre to go at a party. To keep the sausages sizzling this Hot Dog Month, Popstar has the tips to help it feel like it’s not just the tip! Here are the best sex positions for small penises.

Hit It From Behind: Doggy Style

Let’s put the Hot Dog in Doggy Style, shall we? Like the great, Grammy award-winning artist, Victoria Monét, says, “I might be too fine to hit it from behind.” Well, Ms. Monét, as beautiful as someone may be, hitting it from behind could be the best course of action for people who may not have a behemoth of a bulge. We can admire our partner’s beauty during foreplay and post-fornication cuddles! One way to hit it from behind is Doggy Style. This classic position allows you to use the entirety of your shaft going in as deep as possible. Doggy Style has remained a sex position staple because it is easy to master and of course, feels great!

Doggy Style gets its name from the receiver being on all fours like a dog. So while one partner is on their hands and knees, the other partner penetrates from behind. Pro tip: The partner on all fours can also lower themselves onto their elbows allowing for even deeper penetration! Doggy Style will take your sexual experience from a Dachshund to a Great Dane and have your partner howling in pleasure.

Face to Face

For all my Rihanna “California King Bed” stans, this is the position for you. My Rihanna Navy, we salute you! This position will have you “chest to chest” and “nose to nose” with your partner. Face to Face requires little to no thrusting, but more so moving around while already inside your partner.

It is best to sit on the edge of the bed, couch, chair, etcetera, and have your partner straddle while you are, of course, face to face. Your partner will gently grind on you while you guide them with hands around their waste. The fabulous part of being face-to-face with your partner is that it allows for kissing as well as other extracurriculars like nipple play. Pro-tip: you can send your partner into orgasmic overdrive by wearing a vibrating cock ring for increased clitoral stimulation.


When I say “yee,” you say “haw.” Next on our list is another well-known position: Cowgirl, or Cowboy, Cowperson, or whatever suits your fancy. Cowgirl/boy/person embraces the sentiment of “save a horse, ride a cowboy.” To perform this raunchy rodeo position, simply lay on your back while your partner straddles and faces you. Thrust your penis as they rock back and forth like they’re on a mechanical bull. Raising your hips while you thrust will help to feel like they really are riding a horse if you catch our drift. 😉

Small Penises

Reverse Cowgirl

Just like Missy Elliot, we are going to flip it and reverse it! For Reverse Cowgirl all you have to do is everything in Cowgirl, only in reverse! If you have ever done the Cha Cha Slide, you get it! Instead of facing you, your partner will mount you but face your feet. To differentiate Cowgirl from Reverse Cowgirl, try adding a pillow under your hips for elevation. The slight elevation can allow for a deeper feeling of penetration for your partner.

Caution there, cowboy! Reverse Cowgirl can be a bit prickly, like a cactus. This is one of the more perilous positions as it has the most considerable risk of penile fracture. If you are going to ride, ride at your own risk and ride with caution.

Side Saddle

We clearly love a horseback riding reference. I mean, this is an article on how to feel more like a horse, after all. Side Saddle is for girls who want to ride like a lady. If Cowgirl faces forward, and Reverse faces backward, then Side Saddle has the person on top facing to, you guessed it, the side. Side Saddle is great because it allows the person on top to drop even lower than Cowgirl which can go a long way for those who aren’t as long as they’d like to be.


It might not be a horse, but we aren’t done riding. The Bicycle position is also great for those who may not be busting out of their bike shorts. To ride this raunchy bike, your partner will lie down with their legs hanging off the edge of the bed while you stand over them. The partner lying down will then bend their legs towards their chest as if they are doing a bicycle ab exercise, hence the name. The standing partner will then grab their partner’s ankles and penetrate. Much like the Face to Face, this position is great for deeper penetration, as well as clitoral stimulation. 

The Little Dipper

Last but certainly not least is a position that will have your partner seeing sexual stars, The Little Dipper. The Little Dipper requires a bit more athleticism than some of our previous positions. To successfully take your pleasure to the planets and achieve The Little Dipper position, your partner will have to use the furniture to hoist themselves over you so that only your private parts are touching. Perhaps it’s more of a Cancer constellation rather than Little Dipper since your partner will almost have to be in a crabwalk position over you.

It may be best performed on the couch as your partner can use both armrests as support for their hands and feet (perhaps this is why it’s called a loveseat.) To paint a Starry Night-esque visual: your body should be down the center of the couch, while your partner’s body crosses yours to form a “T”. While it may sound complicated, The Little Deeper yields NASA-level results and your orgasm will be out of this world!

As we all know, it isn’t the size of the ship that counts. It doesn’t matter if you are a dingy or a full-rigged luxury liner. A dingy can still float your boat! What matters is the motion in the ocean, or in this case, the route you take (position). Here at Popstar, we celebrate each and every vessel, no matter the size! We hope with these tips, you can feel like a stallion no matter your size!

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez is a board-certified urologist who is fellowship-trained in Sexual Medicine and specializes in the management of male and female sexual dysfunctions. He completed his medical education at Columbia University and his urological residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. Throughout his career, Dr. Gonzalez has focused on advocating for sexual health and providing improved healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community.