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The Seven Orgasmic S's: Health Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasms; there's nothing quite like them. It's no wonder they call it orgasmic. Of course, we all want to have them regardless, but what if we told you that orgasms are actually healthy? Popstar is back with tips (and not just the tip) on just some of the health benefits of orgasms. These health benefits of orgasms aren't anything like the seven deadly sins; they're much more heavenly. Here are the Seven Orgasmic S's.


I'm sure we have all heard of the "after-sex glow." Everyone looks better after sex. That's right, some afternoon delight can absolutely light up your skin. Knocking boots boosts blood flow, increasing oxygen to your skin and giving you a post-sex shine. Orgasms can also keep your skin clear. They release oxytocin and decrease cortisol. Translation: Pleasure is up, and stress levels are down. Stress can be the cause of various break-outs, so remember: an orgasm a day keeps the blemishes away.


Getting your rocks off can also make your locks soft. That's right: the same blood flow that helps your skin also helps your scalp. Increased blood flow to the scalp can stimulate hair growth and leave your locks looking stronger and shinier. 

Sperm Quality:

There aren't only external benefits to orgasms; they can also help improve your insides. Orgasms and ejaculation can help improve sperm quality and motility. If you are looking to conceive, practice makes perfect. Both you and your sexy swimmers are sure to improve over time. 


Nothing knocks you out quite like knocking boots. So if you're looking to pass out for a good night's sleep, make sure you pump one out first. Orgasms cause an increase in prolactin which helps you fall asleep quicker, while oxytocin enables you to achieve a deeper sleep. If you are looking to have an orgasmic night's sleep, make sure you are a freak in the sheets.


A good orgasm will have you feelin' yourself on a Beyoncé level. When we associate our bodies with the pleasure they can provide us, we value our bodies differently. So bumping uglies can boost your confidence and help you love yourself on an orgasmic level. 


An orgasm is like the best set of kegel exercises you'll ever have. Orgasms engage the same muscles as kegels so you can strengthen your pelvic floor while you pleasure yourself. A more robust pelvic floor can lead to stronger erections, help you shoot farther, and lead to stronger orgasms, so it is just a sexual cycle that keeps on giving. For more ways to achieve pelvic floor perfection, check out our blog post here.


Need some dopamine? Do the nasty! Orgasms will have oxytocin and dopamine flowing, meaning you will smile from ear to ear. While oxytocin is often associated with females, men also have a spike in the "happy hormone" after ejaculation. 

Now we know that you didn't need another reason to want to have an orgasm, but now you have seven! They will keep you looking and feeling your absolute best. Whether you are pleasuring yourself or partnering up, make sure you are moaning the “Oh!” in orgasm. Your mind and body will thank you.