Oral Sex Tips

Get Ahead on Giving Head: Oral Sex Tips

Written by: Joshua Gonzalez

Oral Sex Tips

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, you may be getting ready to give your partner their annual blowjob. Or, if you're someone who enjoys frequent fellatio, it is always great to top off your technique. That's right; Popstar is back with tips (and not just the tip) on oral sex tips and different ways to give better oral to please your penis having partners.

Open with an OTPBJ

Every show needs an opening act! To get your partner from half mast to full, why not start with an OPTBJ (over-the-pants blow job.) Get them in the mood by kissing and sucking their penis through their underwear until they are fully aroused. Once your partner is erect and ready, unwrap them like a piece of V-Day candy. 

Touch the Taint

The perineum, known more colloquially as the taint or gooch, is the service region between the pubic area and your coccyx. The taint is a gateway to the g-spot or, in this case, the p-spot. A perineal massage can externally stimulate your prostate. A slight taint tickle or pressure on the perineum while you perform oral sex can turn your blow job into a woah job. 


It's simple math, my friends (but it also has nothing to do with actual math, don't panic.) Try the 69. Ariana Grande didn't write an entire song about it for nothing. The 69 position is where sexual partners align themselves so that each person's mouth is at the other's genitals. This position is fun for everyone involved. You can give and receive oral sex simultaneously, a win-win. 

The Fun is in the Frenulum

The frenulum is where the shaft and the underside of the head of the penis meet. It's kind of like that bone song you learned in anatomy but sexier. The frenulum is incredibly sensitive and is not to be ignored. When performing oral sex on your partner, try teasing the frenulum (and the head of their penis in general) with your tongue and lips for added pleasure. Playing with just the head is a great way to warm yourself up for our following technique.

Deep Throat

This has nothing to do with going undercover or anonymously supplying information in a crime drama. Get your mind in the gutter. Deep throating can be challenging for BJ beginners, so it is wise to start slow. As we mentioned before, start with just the head as you slowly work your way down the entire shaft. There is some technique involved, and you will want to focus on your breathing to avoid your gag reflex. An intentional gag is ok and can even stroke your partner's ego. But if you are unintentionally gagging, you may be pushing your limits. In the wise words of Michelle Branch, Faith Hill, and Anna Nalick, "just breathe." Breathe and go deep. After all, go deep or go home. That's the saying, right?

Be a Man, Use your Hand

Yes, it is oral sex, but it isn't just a job for your mouth. Get your hands involved as well. Use your hands to stroke the lower half of your partner’s penis as you match the rhythm of your bobbing head. Perhaps the perfect blow job may even be a two-hand job, depending on how well-endowed your partner is. If you can fit another hand on, great. Even if it isn't necessary, you can stroke your man's ego while you stroke his shaft. Trust us; your partner will thank you for the full-out commitment. 

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Dr. Joshua Gonzalez is a board-certified urologist who is fellowship-trained in Sexual Medicine and specializes in the management of male and female sexual dysfunctions. He completed his medical education at Columbia University and his urological residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. Throughout his career, Dr. Gonzalez has focused on advocating for sexual health and providing improved healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community.