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A Guide to Your Goodie Drawer: 5 Must Have Sex Toys

Discover the top 5 sex toys! From sleeves and cock rings to vibrators and prostate massagers, elevate your solo play this Masturbation Month!

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10 Diet Tricks to Increase Semen Volume

When it comes to male reproductive health, semen volume is often a topic of interest. While semen volume can vary from person to person, certain foods may help increase it....

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Penis Pleasure: Tips for Masturbation Mastery

Celebrate Masturbation Month with Popstar's expert tips on solo play mastery. From setting the mood to exploring new techniques, unlock the secrets of self-pleasure!

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Am I A Sex Addict? The Difference Between Hypersexuality and Addiction

Learn the signs of sexual addiction, from obsessive thoughts and excessive masturbation to risky behavior and relationship troubles.

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Demystifying Painful Sex: Dyspareunia - Causes, Symptoms, & Solutions

Discover the reasons behind painful sex (dyspareunia) and find effective solutions. Uncover insights for a pleasurable intimate sex life.

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Viagra and Cialis: What's the Difference?

Explore the differences between Viagra and Cialis, two leading ED treatments. Learn about their mechanism of action, duration, onset time, dosing regimens, and side effects.

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Puff, Puff, Pump: Weed and Erectile Dysfunction

We aren't saying you shouldn't smoke, but if you deal with ED, you might want to cut back on the THC.

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Semen Retention is Trending

Discover the rising trend of semen retention - its benefits, risks, and why people are embracing this ancient practice. Explore the pros and cons now!

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