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A Sexy Soak: A Lovers Guide to Hot Tub Sex

Well, you can’t have steamy hot tub sex without a hot tub. Probably best to avoid a seedy motel heart-shaped bathtub, if those even still exist outside Nick at Nite...

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A Squeaky Clean Guide to Safe Shower Sex

Save water, shower together! It’s National Shower Together Day and to celebrate Popstar is here with a squeaky-clean guide to safe shower sex. When you aren’t lathering, rinsing and repeating,...

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Female Orgasm Fables: Dispelling Orgasm Myths

The elusive female orgasm isn’t quite as obvious. One theory is that the female orgasm was primarily to induce ovulation. Somewhere along the line, evolution introduced spontaneous ovulation, where a...

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Is Porn a Problem?

What does that mean for the average Joe and his favorite porn site?

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Creatine and Your C*$k: the Dangers of Creatine

If building muscle is your priority, creatine may be helpful, but you may be harming the most important muscle of all: your penis! 

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Holistic Hormones: 7 Secrets to Naturally Increase Testosterone

Testosterone is a crucial hormone that is vital in various aspects of a man’s life. Low testosterone can affect bone density, muscle development, overall mood, and libido. There is a...

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5 Ways the Polar Plunge Can Help Your Penis and More!

Polar Plunge, Cold Plunge, Cold Water Therapy, or just cold showers may have numerous benefits. Not just for your sexual health but your overall health as well.

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Most Popular Sex Positions

Think of this article as sexual superlatives as we break down some super popular positions.

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