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From Voyeur to Participant, Virtual Porn

If anyone has a hard on for being at the forefront of technology, entertainment, and sex, it’s the porn industry. An industry so flush with money it can’t control its...

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Creatine and Your C*$k: the Dangers of Creatine

If building muscle is your priority, creatine may be helpful, but you may be harming the most important muscle of all: your penis! 

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Penis Size: The Facts

Does size really matter? Well, it depends on whom you ask.

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Increase Sex to Decrease Stress

You release more than your inhibitions when you feel your (or your partner's) "rain" on your skin. When you climax, your load isn't the only thing you release.

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A Deep Dive into Hydration

Now, I know what you're thinking - "Seriously? Is hydration really that important when it comes to the size of my semen loads?" And the answer, my friend, is a...

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Watermelon and your Weiner: How Watermelon Can Improve Your Erection

Watermelon isn't just a delicious summer delicacy or a Harry Styles lyric; it also has numerous health benefits.

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Can Testosterone Make Your Penis Bigger?

You might wonder, "Can taking testosterone make my penis bigger?" The short answer is that it's maybe, and it really depends on if your penis has already finished growing. 

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