A Sexy Soak: A Lovers Guide to Hot Tub Sex

Written by: Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Valentine’s Day is upon us. That means heart-shaped candies, red roses by the dozen, candlelit dinners, romance, champagne toasts, aphrodisiacs, and, of course, sex. Perhaps another Valentine’s cliché is a skinny dip for two. Cliché though it may be, clichés are cliché for a reason. A sexy time soak with your Valentine may be the perfect way to consummate Cupid’s day! Before you dive in, there are some need-to-knows to make your soak a success. Popstar is back with the tips (and so much more than just the tip) to put the hot in hot tub. 


Well, you can’t have steamy hot tub sex without a hot tub. Probably best to avoid a seedy motel heart-shaped bathtub, if those even still exist outside Nick at Nite reruns. If you are hashtag blessed (if the kids are still saying that) and have a private hot tub of your own, you’re in great shape. While the adrenaline rush of getting caught having sex in a public pool or hot tub may be enticing, it can lead to misdemeanors and criminal charges. And while handcuffs may be fun in the bedroom, nothing kills the mood like riding in a cop car. The good news is you can easily have just as much romance, and just as much sex in a bathtub, so let’s focus on that for a bit. 


Dim all the lights, sweet darlin’ circa Donna Summer. A sexy soak in the tub is all about setting the mood. Even for a solo splash, you’ll want candles lit. If it doesn’t look like some sort of sacrificial seance (hold the ouija board), you’re doing it wrong. You can also pick a scent that stimulates your senses sensually. Scents like lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood, among others are known to be nasal aphrodisiacs.

A provocative playlist can also take your passionate plunge with your lover to the next level. Avoid cheesy songs like “Sexual Healing.” We don’t want this to feel like a humorous detergent commercial. Marvin Gaye may have a hold on the baby making music market, but we want to avoid songs that may make you and your partner chuckle should they come on shuffle. Might we suggest something from Jazmine Sullivan’s Heaux Tales. Of course, music taste is wildly subjective, especially when sex is involved. As long as you're building a playlist that makes you feel sexy, and has a tempo that is conducive to long, sensual strokes, you are on the right track.

If you are taking the sexual social media influencer route, some rose petals can bolster your bathtime for two. While it may seem like the beginning of a scene in a sitcom or a poorly written porno intro scene, a trail of rose petals leading to a tub full of floating flowers makes for a thoughtful gesture. And, of course, makes for an Instagramable moment!


You might want to add some bubbles to match the bubbly in your glass. A bath bomb explosion could be foreshadowing the post-foreplay fun to come, or, in this case, cum. Don’t be bubble-obsessed like that yellow fish in Finding Nemo, but bubbles can add a fun and flirty element to your bath. Be careful not to overdo it. We don’t want to overdo it and have an I Love Lucy laundry situation. 


While a bath may leave your body soaked, your lady bits might be a different story. Since a bath is, well, wet, many people assume lube is not necessary. Well, you know what they say about people who make assumptions. Water will leave you wet, but not in the way you want for sex. When water comes in contact with your skin, it washes away its natural oils. This is why most people apply lotion after a long shower. Hot, chlorinated water (like the kind used in hot tubs, imagine that) is especially notorious for stripping skin. This can cause unwarranted friction when you and your partner start to get frisky. This is where lube comes in. You will want a silicone-based lube. Silicone-based lubes are designed to resist water, allowing you to stay slick and ready to take d*ck (if that’s the sorta thing you’re into). 


Post-climax care is always a must, no matter your location. After cuddling until the water is no longer warm, make sure you are showering off, which can lead to more fun depending on you and your partner's libido and refractory time. The important part is that we are washing away the excess bath bomb residue or chemicals from the jacuzzi. Help your partner wash their body, towel off, moisturize each other, and then take it to the bedroom. And…by that time maybe even another refractory period has passed. Who knows? It is Valentine’s Day after all! 

Whether your V-Day starts on dry land or you dive right in, we hope that this guide to hot tub sex has everything you need to have a steamy, sensual soak with your Valentine. Remember to set the mood, make sure the water isn’t magma-level hot, moisturize and your hot tub sex will be a surefire success! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Clean Up on Aisle Sex

A sexy soak is like a Sean Paul song, you need the right temperature. Any physical activity, including doing the deed, causes our body temperature to rise. It is hard to gauge how much you are sweating when wet, so hot tub sex has its risks. Therefore, the tub water shouldn’t be too hot. We don’t want anyone passing out, no matter how optimal the orgasm. Things will be figuratively steamy enough without scalding water. Just like physical activity, the heat of the water will also increase blood flow, thus increasing sensitivity so make sure your plunge is the perfect temperature.

If you are going to partake in penetrative sex while you soak and are using a glove for your love, there are a few things to keep in mind. Temperatures over 104 degrees fahrenheit combined with chlorine and other chemicals can cause breakage, making condoms ineffective. There are some other tips for protecting your tip. Make sure you are putting your condom on outside the water, and be aware that there is a higher chance of it slipping off during water sports. 

Not all sex needs to be penetrative. There is still plenty of frisky fun that can be had without penetration. Penetrative sex in a bath or hot tub can mess with a vagina’s pH levels, which increases the chance of infection. Even in a hot tub, you still run the risk of pregnancy, especially with the wear and tear a hot tub can have on condoms. If you and your Valentine aren’t looking to have a baby around November 14th, oral sex is always an option. Have you and your partner take turns sitting on the edge of the tub while the other performs oral sex. You can cool off while you partake in a fellatio, a win-win.