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Better Ingredients. Better Orgasms. Popstar Labs.

Papa John's may know pizza, but we at Popstar Labs know all about sex and pleasure. Speaking of pleasure: what could be more pleasurable than a good ol’ fashioned orgasm? But are orgasms getting old? Whether it’s just you and your non-dominant hand, your partner, or even a group, orgasms should be, for lack of a better word, orgasmic. Popstar is back with tips (and, as always, not just the tip) on how to make sure your orgasms are extraordinary. 

With the holidays and New Year’s just around the corner, we want to make sure our sexual escapades are poppin’ like champagne.

Let’s Talk About Taints, Baby

The perineum, more colloquially known as the “taint,” could be the key to your pleasure center. For those of us who aren’t pally with your perineum, it is the area between your anus and scrotum. The perineum is packed with nerve endings, making it highly sensitive. You or your partner can apply a little pressure to the perineum get a better orgasm. Just two fingers and your taint could lead to multiple orgasms.


The prostate is the male equivalent of the While you can stimulate your prostate from the outside with a touch of the taint; stimulation can also be an inside job. If you like the feeling of light pressure on your perineum, you’re going to love some pressure on your prostate. If you are playing with a partner, have them lube up a finger and gently slide it in about two inches. If you are playing alone, you can use a buttplug or prostate massager. Massaging your prostate can take orgasm from “just ok” to a “major slay.” After all, a finger a day keeps boredom at bay.

The “Edge” of Glory

Good things cum to those who wait. Prolonging your orgasm, or edging, can be the missing ingredient to a more powerful climax. Purposely delaying your orgasm by bringing yourself to the edge of an explosion, stopping, and starting back up again can have your climax feeling like it should be seen in IMAX. Try edging two or three times for maximum pleasure.

Healthy Life, Healthy Libido

Of course, eating a well-balanced diet will help with almost every aspect of your health, but it can greatly improve your sex life as well. Bet you didn’t know you could put your penis on a diet. Diet can be make or break when it comes to better orgasms. Leafy greens, like spinach, help dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow to your genitalia. Vitamin B-rich foods, like broccoli and brussel sprouts, help with a healthy libido.

Maintaining low blood pressure is not only crucial for your overall health, but high blood pressure limits blood flow throughout the body, including to your member. This can affect the ability to maintain erections, ejaculate, and can even limit your libido. The only high pressure we want is on your perineum and prostate! 

Popstar Volume + Taste Enhancer

Our signature formula improves orgasms by increasing ejaculatory volume, which often intensifies a person's orgasm.  So by increasing loads, our supplement can also cause more intense orgasms and increase sexual pleasure. Confidence plays a big part in sex. With Popstar, you don’t have to worry about performance with bigger loads and better taste.