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Popstar Labs Finds its Purr-fect Pair in Lemme Purr by Kourtney Kardashian

Popstar Labs' mission is to address semen health and to create methods that men can use to enhance their semen volume and, of course, taste. So could it be that Popstar has found the perfect pair for our vaginal having counterparts and partners? Now there is the purr-fect product on the market that supports vaginal health to really make that p*ssy purr.

Lemme Purr

Kourtney Kardashian's wellness line, Lemme, has an array of supplements that help to tackle issues like stress, trouble sleeping, low energy, and bloating. The latest addition to the Lemme Line, Lemme Purr, is centered around vaginal health and wellness. Lemme Purr is developed with probiotics to support odor, freshness, and taste with pineapple extract. Pineapple, you say? Sounds familiar. 

Pineapple Power

Both Lemme Purr and the Popstar Labs formulas have the same key ingredient: pineapple. Lemme Purr has 100mg of real pineapple in every serving, while Popstar Labs uses bromelain: an enzyme found in pineapple. Purr and Popstar may be the hottest pair since Brangelina. With both signature formulas every party involved feeling tasty and good enough to eat.