pop it like a porn star

Pornstar Stamina: How to Stay Hard Like a Star

Written by: Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

If you think about it, porn is a lot like wrestling. We watch, and much like Carrie Bradshaw, we can't help but wonder: Is it real? Another common question is how men increase their stamina to stay erect for prolonged periods of time on set. It can't be easy, what with a camera crew watching. "Performing" in front of people is hard enough (pun half intended), let alone as you act out these ridiculous scenarios of paying the pizza delivery guy in sexual favors when you are short on cash. So how do adult film actors stay extendedly aroused? Popstar has the tips (and not just the tip) on how Pornstars stay ready on set. Spoiler: I don't think having "Stamina" by Sia on their pre-scene pump-up playlist gets the job done. 

Pills and Potions

I'm sure many men would like to believe that they have the stamina to stay aroused for hours at a time, but that just isn't the case. We all need a little help now and again. Most men on set use performance supplements to help them stay erect while filming. With the average shoot taking up to 12 hours, it is no wonder that men look for a synthetic way to stay stimulated. Oftentimes adult film actors work intimately with near strangers, so they can't rely on emotional or romantic connections when filming. They could be shaking hands at craft services and knocking boots 15 minutes later. 

Viagra and Cialis are often used to ensure sexual stamina. Both drugs relax the muscles in the blood vessels of the penis, increasing blood flow to aid erection. Both drugs achieve the same goal, but Cialis may last longer than Viagra. Viagra is active for about 4-6 hours, while Cialis allows you to achieve erections for up to 36 hours. Now that sounds a bit absurd, but this doesn't mean that you will have a day and a half hard-on. It should only happen when you are sexually stimulated. Both prescription drugs should be taken only after consulting your doctor first. 

Fluffers: Real or Fake?

No, we aren't talking about the confectionary marshmallow spread you pair with peanut butter for sandwiches. There are rumors of a more ridiculous method of ensuring schlong stamina on set. A fluffer is a person in the adult entertainment industry whose job is to keep stars aroused in between takes through oral sex. But are they real? From what we can tell, they are nothing more than a myth, like Hercules or Bigfoot. But I'm sure a few people wouldn't mind sharing their resumes for a chance at that position. 

The Healthy Life Enhancement

Many adult film industry actors attribute their performance on set to a healthy lifestyle. A well-balanced diet and staying fit are key to sexual success both on set and in your overall life. There are even exercises to target and strengthen your pelvic floor to help you achieve longer and firmer erections. If you would like to learn more about exercises for erection, check out our blog post here. Supplements are the perfect way to feel and perform your best in the bedroom and otherwise. If you are looking to perform like a pornstar try Popstar! Popstar’s signature formula uses all natural ingredients to increase your semen volume and enhance taste. Popstar’s key ingredient is L-Arginine, which in recent studies has shown to naturally help achieve a stronger erection and treat erectile dysfunction. Whether you are on set or just in the sack, supplements like Popstar are a lifesaver.