The Giving Head How-To’s

Written by: Dr. Joshua Gonzalez

Blowjobs can be challenging. They can really put the “hard” in “hard-on.” I think perhaps Samantha Jones said it best when she said, “Honey, they don’t call it a job for nothing.” While some people find pleasure in performing oral sex on a partner, others may view it as a chore. You may find blowjobs to be synonymous with cleaning your baseboards or filing your taxes. If you would rather focus on a load of laundry than your partner’s load, it may be worth looking into. Popstar is back with blow job tips (and not just the tip) on how you can make giving head more enjoyable for both you and your partner.

Oral sex is a crowd favorite when it comes to foreplay. A BJ can be a mere appetizer, or if your technique is top-notch, it can be the whole damn meal.

Funky Spunk

Perhaps you don’t look forward to performing oral sex on your partner because you don’t enjoy the taste. That is a valid reason, for sure. Your partner may have what we like to refer to as funky spunk. There are numerous reasons why someone may have sour-tasting semen. Diet plays a huge role in taste. Drinking alcohol, smoking, and consuming an excess amount of garlic, onion, and asparagus can negatively alter the taste of semen. Now that we are up to speed on what negatively affects the taste of your load, let’s talk about how to make it lip licking good.

We’ve all heard that pineapple can improve the taste of semen and sweeten your spunk. That is due to a group of enzymes found in the stem of pineapples called bromelain. While eating some fresh pineapple couldn’t hurt your taste, the amount of pineapple you need to consume for it to really pack a pineapple-infused punch would be a lot. You and your partner would be absolutely sick at the sight of pineapple before you actually really felt the effects. That is where Popstar Labs comes in. Our signature formula is made with a higher concentration of bromelain to improve not only your taste but increase semen volume so your BJ ends with a big bang! 

BJ Best Practices

If your love language is acts of service, then blowjobs can be your best friend! Servicing your partner by giving them head is a great way to show them you care. Even if oral sex isn’t your favorite thing to perform, it is a great way to take your partner’s pleasure in your hands…and mouth. Speaking of hands: delivering a proper orgasm via oral sex is really going to test your hand-mouth coordination. Although your mouth is the starring role in a blowjob, using your hands as a strong B-cast can yield incredible BJ results. Be a man (or woman) and use your hand. Stroking the shaft of the penis while your mouth works on the tip or head can yield paramount pleasurable results!

Now that our hands are involved, the penis isn’t the only place we should be putting them. To take your partner’s pleasure into overdrive make sure to involve the prostate. A male’s prostate is known as the male g-spot or rather the p-spot. The prostate is a gland behind the penis that contains tons of nerve endings that, when stimulated, can bring pleasure. While the prostate can be accessed through the back door via anal sex, there is an external shortcut on your perineum, or the skin in between your testicles and tush. Applying pressure on the perineum (or taint, as it’s sometimes called) can stimulate the prostate and can take your BJ to another level! To learn more about the prostate or p-spot, click here. For same-sex couples partaking in oral sex, pressing on your own p-spot can actually help with your gag reflex, should that be something you deal with.

While everyone has different preferences when it comes to sex, something we often hear regarding oral sex is eye contact. Many people feel that it is very sexy to hold eye contact while performing oral sex. Eye contact is another great way to connect with your partner visually while you connect orally! After all, why not get all five senses involved?

Whether oral sex is just the opening act or the star of the event, it can be a great way to connect with your partner and show them you care. We hope these Popstar tips can help you and your partner enjoy oral sex and give mind-blowing blowjobs!