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Bottoms Up: An Anal Sex Q & A

From the top to the bottom, all the questions about anal sex are answered...

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The star athletes representing the LGBTQ+ and the USA

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The Not-So-Secret Sex Lives of Olympians

Should you hold off before the big moment...

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Blue Balls: Fact or Fiction

Is it just for horny dudes trying to get laid?

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Fertility and Fossil Fuels: What You Need to Know

The history lesson you must have missed in school ...

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Orgasms Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

If you’re a fan of orgasms (and who isn’t?), it’s your lucky day! 

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The Legend of Rectal Ejaculation

You heard it right, they went the wrong way ...

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Fertility in the Time of COVID

Is COVID-19 having a negative effect on male reproductive health ...

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