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Fertility and Fossil Fuels: What You Need to Know

The history lesson you must have missed in school ...

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Blue Balls: Fact or Fiction

the term “blue balls” is used to describe the painful sensation in the testicles of a male who is sexually aroused but unable to experience the sexual release that comes...

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Orgasms Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

If you’re a fan of orgasms (and who isn’t?), it’s your lucky day!

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The Legend of Rectal Ejaculation

Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston detailed the case of the man ejaculating from the anus in an aptly titled study called “A Curious Case of...

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Top Tips for LGBTQ Orgasms

Differences in orgasm for non-heterosexual sex vs. heterosexual sex practices ...

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Ejaculatory Dysfunction: When Things “Cum” Out All Wrong

What happens when ejaculation goes wrong? what we can do to make it right ...

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Top 11 Ways to Get Better In Bed

Dr. Gonzalez shares some of his expert advice to kick it up a notch in the bedroom.

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Hit Them with Your Best Shot: Boosting Ejaculatory Function

10 Tips to help you finish strong ...

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